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sorry, first love. i just meant an additional love. didn't mean to make a presumption.

Asked by: valemmich

You’re right with The Wallflowers being my second love. It’s safe to say you bumped Jakob Dylan out of that spot. Now I have to explain myself to the tons of WF/JD fans following me.

Fellow Wallflowers fans, check out Val Emmich. Listen to Sidekick from his new album and Get On With It from his previous album, which he performed on the show Ugly Betty. He’s worth checking out. I mean what other musician/actor comes into a tumblr and submits a question?? Talk about unique.

Oh and on several occasions, he’s impressed me with his knowledge of Bob Dylan.

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Listen to my guest appearance on “Stay in Touch with Val Emmich” podcast. We talk about Ugly Betty, Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers, Fandom, the upcoming album, Val’s rap duo group and he answers fan questions. Val also plays an acoustic cover song. Go to iTunes and download for FREE here. Please rate/review with happy thoughts :) Or you could listen to the stream here.

This is me you guys :) it would mean a lot if you could rate on itunes. Thanks!

  • 7th June
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Recorded for Val Emmich’s podcast today. We talked about Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers. JD is a bit of a sour subject for Val but he was okay with talking about Jakob today. HAHA. Anyway, the podcast will be up next week.